My mission as a UXer is to keep people in focus.

Users, stakeholders, colleagues. Each has their own perspectives. The magic happens when we find the right balance to build services and products that solve real problems.

How I work

Considering all aspects is not always easy but with thorough research and out of the box thinking UX can drive the innovation we are looking for.

The role of UX in product development is to always bring in the user’s perspective to the table when we are making decisions. I reflect on how this can fit together with business goals and technological realities.

My process

My design process follows an iterative pattern. It can be adjusted to the specific needs of a project. Going back and forth between the steps is one of the main strengths of this approach.


Over the years I have had the opportunity to work on some exceptional products and, more importantly, with exceptional people.
You can download my resume here or find me on LinkedIn.