Contributing to the UX community by teaching, or running workshops and meetups is one of my professional passions.

I am happy to hear about speaking, teaching, and workshop opportunities.

I have held presentations and interactive workshops on topics including UX research methods, prototyping and service design. Much of my teaching experience is in mentoring smaller groups or individuals going through an end-to-end UX process with real life projects.


Wireframing and Prototyping

Previous sessions at:xLabs Intense UX Courses and UXstudio Product Design Course. Length: 2-2,5 hrs

Main topics covered:
- Prototyping in the design process
- Sketching - Low and high fidelity wireframes
- Choosing what to prototype and test
- Wireframe vs Prototype
- UI rules and conventions
- Visual hierarchy
- Building blocks and their interactions
- Axure demo

Synthesizing user research results

Previous sessions at: MOME Insight UX Research Intense Course . Length: 2-2,5 hrs

Main topics covered:
- Overview of user research methods
- Research documentation tips & tricks
- Design thinking methods for synthesis
- Personas
- Customer journey
- Jobs to be done


Design Sprint

Design Sprint is a great tool to test and launch new ideas. We used the sprint at Realeyes to set the right direction for new product ideas. It is an intense 4 -5 day workshop with an interdisciplinary team. At the end we have a tested prototype to show to clients and potential partners in the market.

Persona and user journey workshop

I ran numerous persona and user journey workshops over the years with companies like Vodafone Hungary and Realeyes. It is always valuable to take the time to synthesize research findings. These workshops can also help us summarize the assumptions a team is making in the moment, which makes it easier to check and validate them later.

Design thinking

Service Design Jam

I participated in a mentored service design practice both as a team's design thinking coach and as an event organizer. This 48 hour event is light on theory and heavy on practice. A true trial-by-fire, it includes research, user interviews, team ideation and prototyping. Jam is a great way to share skills and become familiar with service design specific deliverables.

Data date

Data date was a 48 hour workshop for which I was both an organizer and a design thinking coach. We investigated the potential of open data to redefine the way we see cities in a interconnected world. The task of the multidisciplinary groups was to identify a problem in Budapest that they are interested in and, with the help of Design Thinking methodology, to build a solution that includes big data collected from networked sensors in 48 hours.


xLabs intense UX course

I have been mentoring small teams of professionals learning UX at xLabs. Over the course of ten weeks, the students support local Hungarian NGOs in a UX project from research to tested prototype.

This course is a personal favorite. It is inspiring to see the students grasp the various methods, meeting actual users, using research insights to design a solution and then present it to their NGO. My students have delivered incredible results to NGOs such as The Community Garden Organization of Hungary, Donation Taxi Service, and the Alternative Theatre Festival.

AIT Budapest Interaction Design University course

Aquincum Institute of Technology offers exchange programs for North American computer science students to study in Budapest for a semester. I tutored and mentored a group of students through an Interaction Design course where they had to come up with their own UI project and design a solution.


Ladies That UX Budapest

I am one of the co-founders of Ladies that UX (LTUX) Budapest. It is a professional group for women working in UX to meet and network. Our local chapter started a special program that is not part of the global LTUX’s community’s main profile.

We think the opportunity to work with more experienced people is one of keys to professional development. That is why the Ladies that UX Budapest initiated a mentoring program for women at the beginning of their UX careers.

We were motivated by the observation that in Budapest very few women work in UX relative to how many express interest in the field. The industry is dominated by men. Through our initiative experienced women UXers in Budapest volunteered to mentor a junior UXers one on one for in four month batches, helping them with questions about research, design, personal projects, career development, etc. The participants were selected based on motivation and were paired with the right mentor based on their interests.