Internet of Things

Xively - LogMeIn
Xively is now part of the
Google Cloud Platform product family.

Xively is a connected product management platform that provides companies the ability to build, launch and run their connected devices.

I worked as a UX and UI designer on the software's user interface. My job included creating clickable prototypes and concept for several use cases. It was my responsibility to lead the UX research activities, inlcuding interviews and user tests. Based on those we could identify the main personas for Xively and iterate on the prototypes.

Besides that I took part in the creation of the Xively Design Guidelines which includes visual design and user experience guidance of Xively. It is a very complex system that has to take all the aspects of a flexible IoT framework under consideration so that UI serves the user's needs in any case.

This was an especially exciting challenge for me because creating such a complex and holistic design system requires a deep understanding of both the product and the users. It has to walk through all the edge cases and topics that can appear on the UI and give an adequate answer so the users never feel lost when using the product.

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